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Cryogenic Products

Cryogenic Products
Cryogenic products let you handle, store, transport, and safeguard your valuable cryogenic samples. Cryogenics, or ultracold freezing, is not a new idea, and with a couple of exceptions, the equipment used is similar to that of 25 years ago. Liquid nitrogen, or occasionally liquid helium, is retained in a cryovessel or dewar. Plastic tubes containing material to be preserved are chilled either by immersion in the liquid or by being kept in the gas or vapor phase, which results from the boiling of the liquid. A variety of devices for holding and retrieving samples, as well as their form, determines how large the opening in the dewar is and how long the dewar will last. Whether you are using liquid nitrogen or gas, we have a large selection of cryogenic products to keep your samples safe and secure.
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